Winter Ball Announcements!

winter owls

We are getting excited for our Annual Winter Ball, which will be held from 5-7 p.m. this Friday, Dec. 20 at our Campus Dr. site. We have decided to make this a potluck event, so please sign up at your site with the dish you will be bringing (if you can) or contact your site director. Even if you will not be bringing a dish, please RSVP at your site so we can take a headcount!

Two other announcements regarding the Winter Ball:

1. We will be holding a Book Drive at the event. Please bring a wrapped, new or gently used book if you would like to participate in the drive!

2. We are collecting donations for a gift for our wonderful chef, Ms. Susan. Please drop your donation with Kathy in the Infant Room at the Campus Dr. site and in the tuition drop box at the Mountain Blvd. site by Wednesday.

Here’s a little more cheer for your Monday!

Thanks for joining us at the ZooLights!

Thanks for joining us at the ZooLights!

Yummy yummy!

Yummy yummy!

Gingerbread House fun!

Gingerbread House fun!




One thought on “Winter Ball Announcements!

  1. Small Correction: it’s not a book drive, it’s a book exchange. 😉 bring a book, take a book.

    Hope to see you all there!

    Ms. Crystal

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