What is it? What is it?

Everyone come quick! Look what we found! 

Inquiring minds.

What could it be?

Is it a bird? (Let’s hope not…)

Is it a plane? (Now you’re just being silly!)

It’s a…

Our friend the grasshopper.

Our friend the grasshopper.


The preschoolers at Campus Dr. had a blast today when they discovered a grasshopper while playing outside. With the help of their teacher, they rescued it and brought it to safety so it wouldn’t get hurt.


Some fun facts about grasshoppers:

1. Some types of grasshoppers form large groups and move from place to place together. Some of the groups can have one million members or more. They are known as migratory locusts.

2. Some grasshoppers will jump 200 times their length in one jump.

3. Young grasshoppers can eat twice their body weight in a single day.

4. The smallest grasshoppers are about 1.25 centimeters long. They are called pygmy locusts. They will usually live near bodies of water, such as bonds and streams.

For some continued learning: “Are you a grasshopper?”

Here is a great book you might consider reading from the popular Backyard Books series by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries:


Have a great weekend! 


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