What we did over summer break…

We’re about two weeks into the new school year, and before anymore time passes we wanted to share a few pics of our adventures over break.

In fact, we hope you will, too! Please send your vacation pics to tudorkatotsblog@gmail.com and we’ll post them in the coming weeks!

Now, without further ado…

Check out our very own Francois (Ms. Renata’s husband and Tudorka Tot’s owner)! He took a European journey over break with their son Phillip. They participated in a vintage car event while there and even made it into the local newspaper! Here he is driving his Renault Caravelle:


And here is the newspaper clipping (we’re famous!):


Ms. Crystal from our Mountain Blvd. site took a gondola boat ride on Lake Merritt with her family. Afterward, they enjoyed a delicious brunch on the Lake Chalet dock!


Her view from the boat:


Ms. Mia from our Campus Dr. site traveled to Bryce Canyon National Park in southwestern Utah. Here she is enjoying her view from the top:


Nice work, Ms. Mia! 

Our adventures, however far or near, help us grow as people and educators. Now we want to hear about your break! Did you stay close to home like Ms. Crystal? Or did you travel to another state or overseas like Ms. Mia and Francois and Phillip?

Send your pics and stories to us at tudorkatotsblog@gmail.com!

We can’t wait to see them!


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