Love Letter Winners Announced!

Hi everyone!

We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our latest review contest! You are what makes Tudorka Tots more like a family than a childcare “center.”

And now, without further ado, here are the winners!

Tom Hackford from Mountain Blvd. Click here for his review:

Tom’s review on Yelp

Dawn Weeks from Campus Dr. Click here for her review:

Dawn’s review on Yelp

Tom and Dawn will each receive a free Parents’ Night Out! Here are the times and dates for our special Valentine’s Weekend nights out:

Campus Dr: 5-9:30pm, Friday, Feb. 14

Mountain Blvd: 5-10:30pm, Saturday, Feb. 15

Parents please note that you can sign up for either site. Have a great weekend, everyone!


Owl You Need is Love: Win a Parents’ Night Out!


Love is in the air!

Here at Tudorka Tots, we are gearing up for the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day!

And guess what? We’re sharing the love in hopes that you’ll show us some of yours! That’s right, you can win a Free Parents’ Night Out just by writing a love letter and posting it on Yelp or Facebook.

One parent from each site will win!

Click here to post on Yelp (Mountain Blvd.)

Click here to post on Yelp (Campus Dr.)

Click here to post on Facebook

Your Parents’ Night Out will be held on (please note, you can sign up for either site):

Campus Dr: 5-9:30pm, Friday, Feb. 14

Mountain Blvd: 5-10:30pm, Saturday, Feb. 15

Now go get your warm and fuzzy on!


Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome to the Year of the Horse. Did you know that people born in the year of the horse are said to be a bit like horses: animated, active and energetic?

So says Wikipedia!

Campus Dr. and Mountain Blvd. are holding Chinese New Year celebrations today. Children at both sites created dragon costumes for their parades. Here is the behind the scenes from Campus Dr:

photo_1 photo_2 photo_3 photo_4 photo_5 photo_6 photo_7 photo_8 photo

Look out for pics from the real thing (from both sites) next week!

Also, our multi-cultural curriculum concluded with Campus Drive’s potluck last Friday. Here are the pics!

photo_1 photo_2 photo_3 photo_4 photo_5 photo_6 photo_7 photo_8 photo_9 photo_10 photo_11 photo

Have a great weekend everyone!

Potluck pics!

A big THANK YOU to our families for making the Tudorka Tots campuses the special places they are.

We held our first Open House of 2014 at our Mountain Blvd. site and it was a huge success. Thank you to the teachers and Soccer Shots for your participation!

Our NEW Mills site will host its Open House from 11am-1pm, Saturday, January 25. (Address: 5410 Fleming Ave.) Please consider spreading the word by recommending Tudorka Tots on Berkeley Parents Network: You must be a member to post!

Any parent who refers a friend who enrolls will receive a $50 tuition discount. 

imagesWe also held our potluck dinner at Mountain Blvd. last week to wrap up our multicultural curriculum. Families and teachers shared dishes representing the countries they are from. The preschoolers even made tamales! Here are some pics!

image_1 image_2 image_3 image_4 image_5 image_6 image

Campus Dr. will hold its potluck this Friday!

And just a reminder: The first field trip of the year will be this Tuesday. Preschoolers from Mountain Blvd. and Campus Dr. will be going to the Fortune Cookie Factory in Oakland. Please sign up at your site!

Have a great evening!

All around the world (+open house dates!)


Happy Friday, everyone!

We are excited to announce that each site will be hosting an International Potluck Dinner for toddler and preschool families to celebrate our multicultural curriculum. All families are welcome to join.

Mountain Blvd. site will hold its dinner at 5 p.m., Friday, January 10. Families are asked to bring a dish that represents where they are from, or simply because they love the food! Please sign up on the sheet posted by the door if you can participate. Bring an ingredient list and where the food is from to label your dish.

Campus Dr. will hold its dinner on Friday, January 24. If you would like to participate, please bring a dish that represents where your family is from. Children are welcome to wear cultural clothes, too! (Yes, jerseys with flags DO count!)

new year owls

And, of course, a big Owl-errific Happy New Year from us to you! To kick off the new year, we are holding two open houses and we’d love for you to spread the word!

Mountain Blvd site: 11am-1pm Saturday, January 11 (address: 5040 Mountain Blvd., Oakland)

NEW Mills site: 11am-1pm, Saturday, January 25 (address: 5410 Fleming Ave., Oakland)

Any parent who refers a friend who enrolls will receive a $50 tuition discount. Aren’t you glad you kept reading?

Have a great weekend!

We had a (winter) ball!

Headed back to work and school tomorrow? Well, here’s a little something to make you smile…pics from our Winter Ball and our teachers’ Secret Santa party!

825519695007_905480458007_9022078007_0125 825519695007_905480467007_9022078007_0129 825519695007_905480491007_9022078007_0137 825519695007_905486105007_9022078007_0142 825519695007_905486298007_9022078007_0144









“It was my third year experiencing a fun-filled Secret Santa exchange with Tudorka Tots. We get together throughout the year and it gives us a chance to know each other better.” ~Ms. Danielle 

“I really enjoyed my first year with Tudorka Tots. I am glad we were able to get together with all the teachers for the holidays. We wished we could do it more often and decided to go on weekend hiking and picnic trips with our staff. Our Secret Santa was very special. Each teacher put so much effort into their gifts. My idea of making it a White Elephant turned out to be lots of fun.” ~Ms. Nancy

825519695007_905439859007_9022078007_0007 825519695007_905439861007_9022078007_0010 825519695007_905439864007_9022078007_0011 825519695007_905439871007_9022078007_0015 825519695007_905439874007_9022078007_0017 825519695007_905439885007_9022078007_0021 825519695007_905440765007_9022078007_0036 825519695007_905440767007_9022078007_0038 825519695007_905440774007_9022078007_0042 825519695007_905440776007_9022078007_0043 825519695007_905440783007_9022078007_0046